LJ Create Engineering

Our online Engineering curriculum library contains a very wide range of topics and includes over 4,000 lessons.

Our online Engineering curriculum library covers workplace skills and underpinning knowledge lessons on almost every topic of an Electrical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering program.

Lessons are designed to offer workplace skills and underpinning knowledge. The package also includes academic lessons essential for engineering training.

LJ Create Engineering  (ENG1-AL) topic headings include:
  • Materials Engineering
  • Engineering Drawing
  • Fluid Power
  • Mechanical Systems
  • Manufacturing including CNC
  • Machine and Instrument Engineering
  • Inspection and QM
  • Industrial Controls
  • Electrical and Electronics
In addition to technical skills development, essential support is provided with lessons in:
  • Mathematics
  • English Language Skills
  • Engineering Science
  • Business Skills
  • Workplace Problem Solving

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LJ Create Engineering

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