Our mechatronic STEM programs are designed to give middle and high school students a solid grounding in mechatronic systems and applications.

female technician student PLC STEM mechatronics

Available in 3 different skill levels, our mechatronic programs fully prepare students to undertake higher-level certification programs and college-level courses. Computer and device programming is included in many different forms for a diverse and rounded engineering experience.

The Mechatronics Lab:

  • Provides students with the foundational skills of mechatronics applications in a wide range of career pathways.
  • Provides students with a solid grounding in the basic principles of mechatronic systems; mechanical, electrical and electronic, fluid power, and control.
  • Aimed at and suitable for students of all abilities and aptitudes.
  • Integrate academic subjects, careers, technical skills and knowledge, and 21st Century Skills.
  • Aligned to educational standards and industry certification standards.
  • Can be customized and flexibly implemented to align with specific pathways.


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