Design & Technology

As part of our STEM career pathways program, our Design & Technology is a project-based learning program.


It allows students to explore how science, technology, engineering, and math concepts are applied in a wide range of different career clusters not just in STEM, but also in manufacturing, energy, agriculture, health, transport and logistics, and Information technology.

A Design and Technology Project Based Learning Lab introduces students to the concepts of engineering design and the basic principles of technological systems such as sensors and control systems. The range of student project areas is extensive and integrates research, discussion, modelling, simulation, practical design and testing.

Each project is tied to a career pathway, and instruction includes information about related college requirements and all levels of careers. The program is extremely flexible for implementation and can be used across five grade levels - six through ten.

The project-based nature of the program gives students the opportunity to:
  • Learn, develop and apply academic skills and knowledge.
  • Gain a foundation in STEM-based career pathways.
  • Develop necessary skills such as critical thinking and problem solving, communication, collaboration, creativity, self-paced learning, and computational thinking.


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