Exploring STEM

The Exploring STEM Curriculum for Middle and High School helps students discover STEM through career exploration, career pathway programs, and technical education (CTE).

The Exploring STEM license (EXS-AL) for middle and high school programs emphasizes Science and Math – our programs aim to put the ‘T’ and ‘E’ back into STEM education! Our active learning program is composed of creative hands-on tasks and interactive software that work together flawlessly, incorporating project-based activities wherever possible, so students can actively engage in their own learning and put the learning of academic skills in an occupational context. Within the Exploring STEM and CTE curriculum, we offer four guided pathways, or teachers can make their own courses from our lesson library.

Design & Technology

Design & Technology is a flexible project-based program that explores STEM themes such as agriculture, biotechnology, and transportation, with a focus firmly on technology and engineering. It introduces students to the concepts of engineering design and the basic principles of technological systems such as control systems and mechatronics. The range of student activities includes research, discussion, modeling, simulation, practical design, and testing.

Career Exploration

A highly flexible program for middle or high school, our Career Exploration program introduces students to a diverse range of industry-focused disciplines that will help your students prepare for college and career. With resources that relate to the Energy Sector, Manufacturing, and Electronics our program helps students connect their learning to real-world applications. The CTE learning content has been mapped to industrial qualifications and standards.

Industry 4.0

This curriculum introduces students to Industry 4.0 concepts and applications across a range of industry sectors including construction, health and biomedical, IT, manufacturing, transportation, logistics and supply chain, and agriculture. The program is designed to provide students with the skills and expertise they need to succeed in high school, college, industrial skills programs, and industry certification courses.


Available in 3 different skill levels, and aligned to educational standards and industry certification standards, our mechatronic programs fully prepare students to undertake higher-level certification programs and college-level courses. Computer and device programming is included in many different forms for a diverse and rounded engineering experience.

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Exploring STEM

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