LJ Create produces blended-learning teaching resources in the form of hardware, software, and eLearning curriculum. Our vast online STEM curriculum has been organized into digital libraries so you can choose the courses that best suit your needs, from elementary STEM and career exploration through middle school, high school, and college.


The benefits of our annual licenses are:

  • Extensive content library is continuously updated and expanded to align with technology or topical changes.
  • Exciting, interactive Investigations
  • Easy-to-follow lessons
  • Content designed to support teaching staff – teach just what you want
  • Granular content that can be configured to match learning objectives
  • Multi-platform compliant
  • Integrated performance assessment
  • Audio support for every lesson
  • On-screen skills practice
Various devices displaying STEM content on LJ ClassAct 2
Living with STEM
Various devices displaying STEM content on LJ ClassAct 2
Exploring STEM
Various devices displaying STEM content on LJ ClassAct 2
Working with STEM
Various devices displaying Automotive content on LJ ClassAct 2
Automotive Repair Skills
Various devices displaying Engineering content on LJ ClassAct 2
LJ Create Engineering
Various devices displaying Electronics content on LJ ClassAct 2
Electrical/Electronics License
Spotlight on

Exploring STEM: Design and Technology

Our Exploring STEM license provides a comprehensive set of lessons to help students discover STEM career pathways. 

Within Exploring STEM, we offer unique directions including Design and Technology, Career and Technical Education, and Industry 4.0. Teachers can also create their own programs from our digital content library.

Each of these pathways is designed around:

Active learning approach designed around problem-solving, critical thinking, and teamwork skills.

  • Content aligned to standards
  • Extensive teacher support material
  • Flexible implementation
  • Extension projects
STEM Course Areas Include:
  • Engineering Design

  • Construction Engineering

  • Electronics Technology

  • Mass Transportation

  • Manufacturing Technology

  • Mechatronics

  • Computer Science

  • Programming Robots

  • Rapid Manufacturing

  • Biomedical Technology

  • Agricultural Technology

  • Industry 4.0 Careers

  • Industrial Robotics

  • Mobile Robotics

  • Energy in Buildings

  • Energy Generation

  • Transportation Technology



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