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PLC Programming

From beginner to expert our PLC training systems provide all you need to teach Programmable Logic Control. They are so easy to set up and use that they will quickly become the most essential items in your lab. We provide the complete packages with instructions, lessons, and programming software to ensure that teaching the use and application of PLCs is simple, and can be completed quickly.

PLC Trainer (291-01)

This PLC training system offers a rotating disc sorting application to teach the fundamentals of PLC control. We also include our unique software simulation in the package to help introduce the basic concepts of PLCs and ladder logic.

Industrial Control Trainer (290-01)

The easy-to-use ladder programming software and simulator makes this the easiest trainer available for taking students through the hardest part of their industrial controls learning. Students follow instructions and complete challenges starting with simple tasks, but quickly ramping up to commercial-level programming skills.

PETRA II – Advanced Industrial Control Teaching Set (292-00)

PETRA II is designed to enable quick and easy instruction on the operation and application of an HMI panel, together with the principles of SCADA. PETRA II is simple enough to explain and operate quickly, but contains enough process components to demonstrate the operation of an HMI Panel. Intermittent fault insertion illustrates the need for SCADA and the HMI panel, for the efficient operation of a modern Industry 4.0 plant.

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