PLCs Trainer

The 291-01 training system offers a rotating disc sorting application to teach the fundamentals of PLC control. We also include a unique software simulator in the package to help introduce the basic concepts of PLCs and ladder logic.

This enables the whole class to carry out simulated PLC control task activities at the same time. Using this software, groups of students create ladder logic programs to control devices on the trainer using a graphical-based programmable logic control (PLC) editor.

These programs can be used to control either the hardware or the simulator. Used in this mode, only a simple USB connection is required to enable the ladder logic software to control the hardware unit.

Items supplied with 291-01 include:
  • Introduction to PLCs Application and accessory kit
  • LJ Create PLC ladder logic control software (site license)
  • Industrial workcell simulator (site license)

How to order

PLCs Trainer

Please call LJ Create at
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A member of our staff will be happy to advise you with your order and provide you with further options where appropriate.