Injection Molding Trainer

The Injection Molding Trainer offers a classroom-based resource for investigating the techniques used to create thermo-plastic products. Students initially use the trainer to mold a variety of items, including a model car and different designs of door handles.

Using the Injection Molding Trainer (350-01) alongside a 3D printer allows students to follow rapid prototyping and tooling techniques, including:

  • 3D printing, evaluation and improvement of prototypes
  • 3D printing of injection molds
  • Injection molding of the final product

Students apply these techniques to develop various items, including a headphone cord wrap and a multi-part gear mechanism.

Students will see how a good grasp of the science of material properties is needed to select appropriate materials and methods for production. They will also gain an understanding of how mathematics is required to develop production costs and propose selling costs.

Injection Molding Trainer – typical practical activities include:
  • Injection mold the parts for a model car
  • Mold different doorknob designs and test each one for strength
  • Adapt an existing mold design to make a corn cob holder
  • 3D print an injection mold tool
  • Adapt a 3D printed mold tool to overcome molding problems such as flashing, surface finish and shrinkage
  • Explore the benefits of adding a draft angle to a mold
  • Design project – design a new component suitable for mass production
The set includes:
  • Injection Molder and Lever
  • Mold Set containing:
    • Single-part mold
    • Multi-part mold
    • Adaptable ‘smart’ mold
    • Support jacket for 3D printed molds
  • Plastic Granule Supply
  • Model Cabinet Door
  • Heat-Resistant Gloves
  • Curriculum Disc
Some projects may also require:
  • Student access to a 3d printer.


Injection Moulder Assembly Kit (350-10)

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Injection Molding Trainer

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