Potterville Schools teams up with LJ Create & Aidex East to create a new Industry 4.0 STEM Lab

We recently had the opportunity to visit Potterville Public Schools and sit down with the students and teachers to chat about their new Industry 4.0 program. Designed to provide students with an introduction to Industry 4.0 concepts and applications across multiple industry sectors, this new program utilizes the LJ Create “Industry 4.0 Careers Pathways” program.

Ms. Kaytie Palmiter, the Principal at Potterville Middle and High Schools, describes a complete turn-around from students who were disinterested in the direction of their careers to students that were engaged and participating in the problem-solving process with their classmates. Ms. Kelly Leonard, the school’s “Destination Innovation” teacher, conveys her excitement at seeing the students explore so many career areas, try new things, and learn critical thinking and troubleshooting skills in a safe environment.

Download the PDF for the complete story!

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