Mississippi Schools Develop Sophisticated Career Pathways Program for Students

New Albany High School in New Albany Mississippi is one of 5 High Schools that has chosen LJ Create’s Design and Technology program as the cornerstone for their “SkillPath 2030 Lab.” This innovative new lab is part of their district’s workforce development initiative, and serves as the classroom learning lab for their STEM classes.

The lab is made possible through funding and a partnership with the Mississippi Partnership Workforce Development Area and Three Rivers Planning & Development District.

The purpose of this lab is to provide career awareness and exploration of the main career sectors in northeast Mississippi, including Advanced Manufacturing; Information Technology; Healthcare; Logistics, Transportation, & Warehousing; and, Energy.

This workforce development initiative also promotes the alignment of education and industry needs, and exposes students to the latest state-of-the-art learning tools, equipment, and curriculum needed to prepare students for their region’s career sectors.

See additional video from the school here!

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