Don’t get left behind teaching 1990’s automotive technology

Our Autotronics Programs provide:

  • Lessons that link directly to ASE Education Foundation task list learning units
  • The only troubleshooting trainers available for post-2000 motor vehicle technology
  • An easy way to get students through electrical/electronic instruction
  • Auxiliary systems circuits and troubleshooting practice
  • Lighting circuits and troubleshooting practice
  • Starting and charging troubleshooting practice
  • Digital simulation learning support
  • Teaching of serial bus troubleshooting techniques alongside the required light vehicle repair topics

Our 5-step process gives you everything you need to teach ASE autotronics.

  1. Preparation: Teacher plans that let you spend your valuable time teaching
  2. Knowledge Lessons: Digital content lessons to reinforce a theoretical understanding of the subject area
  3. Knowledge Assessments: Test student understanding
  4. Skills Lessons: Hands-on activities for real-world practice using clean, safe equipment for the classroom.
  5. Skills Assessments: Test student skills understanding.

Learn more about our auto lab solutions here!

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