Temperature Sensor

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An ideal replacement for a standard glass thermometer with the added advantage of recording temperature changes over time.

  • The sensor is a thermistor encased in a high quality stainless steel tube. The steel tube has high heat conductivity making it responsive to temperature changes.
  • Tube diameter is 3mm, length 200mm.
  • Thermistor sensor is approximately 3mm behind the end tip of the steel tube.
  • PVC cable insulation working range -10 – 85°C.
  • 50us intersample data collection.

The sensor can be used in a range of teaching applications, including:

  • Cooling rates.
  • Calorimetry.
  • Greenhouse effect.
  • Insolation (temperature vs. light).
  • As a digital replacement for standard thermometer.

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Temperature Sensor

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