Molder Assembly Kit – Refill Pack

The Molder Assembly Kit – Refill Pack (350-10/C6) supplies replacement consumables for the Mechanical Maintenance – Moulder Assembly Kit. The pack supplies enough consumables for students to assemble the injection molder a total of 6 times.

Consumables include (but not limited to):
  • Temperature limiter and cover
  • Thermostat and cover
  • Cartridge heater
  • High temperature lubricant
  • Mains switch
  • Practice Plates
  • Plastic injection granules
  • Screws, washers, bolts, dowels, equipment wire, fuses, sleeving

How to order

Molder Assembly Kit – Refill Pack

Please call LJ Create at
1-800-237-3482 or

A member of our staff will be happy to advise you with your order and provide you with further options where appropriate.