Elementary Education

Our Living with STEM courses provide a comprehensive set of lessons for an elementary science or STEM program. Our hands-on digital courses teach standards-based science, technology, and engineering, and are supplemented with a range of support materials for English and Math.

We also offer an introductory course dedicated to STEM career exploration.

Elementary science STEM students

Our active learning program is composed of creative hands-on tasks and interactive software that work together so students can actively engage in their own learning. Prepared hardware kits with low consumables help you get the most out of our program. Many of our lessons also include exciting simulators that provide students with an introduction to the real-world application of STEM without leaving the classroom.

Complete Set of Living With STEM Experiment Kits
Complete Set of Living With STEM Experiment Kits
Data Logging Kit
Data Logging Kit
Elementary Engineering Construction Kit (Superseded)

Complete Lab Solutions

At LJ Create we pride ourselves on creating innovative learning spaces for a wide range of STEM and technical education disciplines.
We combine and customize these spaces to design a solution that meets the needs of each customer.



Elementary Career Exploration Program Brochure

Living With STEM Brochure