Complete Set of Living With STEM Experiment Kits

This Complete Set of Living with STEM Experiment Kits (500-00) will equip you with all you need to carry out each of the practical experiments in your Living with STEM program. The kits include at least one set of experimental hardware items, and class packs of consumables are provided for group work on specific tasks.

Active learning is known to be more effective than passive learning, and we provide plenty of opportunity for hands-on experiments within our Living with STEM Program.

The Complete Set of Living With STEM Experiment Kits (500-00) includes:
  • Apparatus Kit (500-01)
  • Data Logging Kit (500-02)
  • Problem Solving Kit (500-03)
  • Bridge Building Kit (500-04)
  • Tactic Construction Kit (500-05)
  • Plant Kit (500-06)
  • Human Torso Kit (500-07)
  • Microscope Kit (500-08)
  • Mixtures Kit (500-09)
  • Rocks Kit (500-10)
  • Stream Table Kit (500-11)
  • Planetarium Kit (500-12)
  • Energy of the Wind Pack (500-13)
  • Sound and Light Kit (500-14)
  • Electrical Circuits Kit (500-15)
  • Properties of Materials Kit (500-16)
  • Motion Kit (500-17)
  • Forces Kit (500-18)
  • Energy and Speed Kit (500-19)
  • Pollination Class Activity Pack (500-20)
  • Fossils Class Activity Pack (500-21)
  • Optics Class Activity Pack (500-22)
  • Sound and Vibration Activity pack (500-23)
  • Teacher Math Kit (505-02)

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Complete Set of Living With STEM Experiment Kits

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