LJ Create produces blended-learning teaching resources in the form of hardware, software, and eLearning curriculum. Our online curriculum has been organised into digital libraries so you can choose the courses that best suit your needs. Our curriculum materials are aligned by qualification - for Engineering and Automotive Repair - and are available via:

  • ClassAct II - Our easy-to-use learning management system
  • DRL - An installable lesson package
  • SCORM - Installable objects for your existing LMS

The library is continuously expanding and updated to align with technology or topical changes.

Benefits of our ClassAct II annual access licence are:

  • Large content library
  • Exciting interactive Investigations
  • Easy-to-follow lessons
  • Content designed to support teaching staff – teach just want you want
  • Granular content that can be configured to match qualifications or learning objectives
  • Multi-platform compliant
  • Integrated performance assessment
  • Audio support for every lesson
  • On-screen skills practice

Our vast collection of digital content has been organised into dedicated licences - enabling you to choose the content that best suits your needs.


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ClassAct II LMS - Online Library Brochure

Cloud Library Brochure (Working With STEM)