Automotive Medium/Heavy Vehicle

An LJ Medium/Heavy Vehicle Lab is designed to maximise the time students spend actively engaging with understanding and developing skills in the technologies used in medium and heavy vehicles.


In addition to a comprehensive curriculum package, students will have access to electrical and electronic systems panel trainers with fault insertion, working engine trainers, 24V electrical trainers, airbrake trainers and sectioned systems. A medium/heavy vehicle lab can be designed with focus on diesel engine technology, diesel engine management and include accommodation for off-road vehicles or alternate fuel engines.

The aim of the medium/heavy vehicle lab is to help you develop skilled technicians with a solid understanding of heavy vehicle technology and fault-finding techniques.


Resources - Brochures


Automotive Training Resources Brochure


Medium/Heavy Vehicle Resources Brochure


Mechatronics and Automotive Products Brochure


Hybrid Vehicle
Systems Mailer


Innovative Learning Spaces Brochure

Resources - Printable Posters

Brighten up your classrooms with these high-resolution educational posters from LJ Create. The files are in PDF format and A3 in size, but should also look great if you want to print them at larger sizes.

Air Conditioning Poster UK

Air Conditioning Systems Poster

Braking Systems Poster UK

Automotive Braking Systems Poster

Modern Automotive Lighting Poster UK

Modern Automotive Lighting Poster

Automotive Electrical Systems Poster UK

Automotive Electrical Systems Poster

Components and Servicing Poster UK

Automotive Components and Servicing Poster

Steering and Suspension Systems Poster UK

Steering and Suspension Systems Poster

Automotive Technology Poster UK

Automotive Technology Poster

Engine Performance Poster UK

Engine Performance Poster

Tyre Indentification Poster UK

Tyre Identification (ISO Metric Code) Poster