Engineering Technology

Engineering knowledge and skills are required for working in a diverse range of industrial sectors.


An LJ Create Engineering Technology Lab can be designed to provide an introduction to a wide range of engineering technologies and skills, or can have a specific focus on electrical and electronics, or industrial maintenance.

A mix of quality trainers and active learning provides your students with the industry skills they need to succeed in an engineering career. Students will explore engineering technologies such as control, fluid power, and electronics that are integrated and applied in a wide range of different applications.

An Engineering Technology Lab can be customised to meet the needs of your specific program.

A typical Engineering Technology Lab configuration could include the following resources:
Injection Moulding Trainer

Resources - Brochures


Engineering Training Resources Brochure


Mechatronics and Automotive Brochure


PLC Training
Systems Mailer


T-Level Resources


Distance Learning (Engineering) Mailer


Innovative Learning Spaces Brochure

Resources - Printable Posters

Brighten up your classrooms with these high-resolution educational posters from LJ Create. The files are in PDF format and A3 in size, but should also look great if you want to print them at larger sizes.

21 Century Engineering Poster (Download)

21st Century Engineering Poster

Frequency Spectrum Poster Uk

Radio Frequency Spectrum Poster

Electronic Circuit Symbols Poster UK

Electrical and Electronic Circuit Symbols Poster

Resistor Colour Codes Poster UK

Resistor Colour Codes Poster

Hydraulic Circuit Symbols Poster UK

Hydraulic and Pneumatic Schematic Symbols