Qualifications Based Solutions

Blended Learning Solutions for
UK Vehicle Repair Qualifications


We supply easy-to-use resources for selected Level 1 to Level 3 motor vehicle qualification units from:

  • IMI
  • City & Guilds
  • T-Levels Vehicle Pathway
The equipment we supply supports Repair Skills Development in the following:
  • Electric and Hybrid Vehicles
  • Engine Systems (Petrol and CR Diesel)
  • Engine Management Systems
  • Braking – including ABS
  • Steering and Suspension
  • Transmission Systems
  • Air Conditioning
  • Vehicle Electrical Systems – including BUS Systems


Each item of equipment is supplied with a package of digital laboratory or workshop activities. We map these activities against instructional learning units from City & Guilds and IMI.

Hands-on skills lessons lessons that align to IMI standards

Spotlight on

Auto Electronics Trainer

We used 40 years’ experience to create the easiest package to introduce students to electrical circuits.  A thorough understanding of circuits and electronic components is even more essential when forecasting the skills that young students will require over their career with motor vehicles.

A good introduction makes all the following electronic circuit studies easier – and more popular.  This trainer helps to cover the exact content that students need – and nothing they don’t.  The lessons are easy to follow but we are very careful not to misrepresent the importance of electrical components.

Practical topics covered include:

  • Simple circuits and measurements
  • Common ground circuits
  • Wiring diagrams

... and much more


Resources - Brochures


Automotive Training Resources Brochure


Medium/Heavy Vehicle Resources Brochure


Mechatronics and Automotive Products Brochure


Hybrid Vehicle
Systems Mailer


Innovative Learning Spaces Brochure

Resources - Printable Posters

Brighten up your classrooms with these high-resolution educational posters from LJ Create. The files are in PDF format and A3 in size, but should also look great if you want to print them at larger sizes.

Air Conditioning Poster UK

Air Conditioning Systems Poster

Braking Systems Poster UK

Automotive Braking Systems Poster

Modern Automotive Lighting Poster UK

Modern Automotive Lighting Poster

Automotive Electrical Systems Poster UK

Automotive Electrical Systems Poster

Components and Servicing Poster UK

Automotive Components and Servicing Poster

Steering and Suspension Systems Poster UK

Steering and Suspension Systems Poster

Automotive Technology Poster UK

Automotive Technology Poster

Engine Performance Poster UK

Engine Performance Poster

Tyre Indentification Poster UK

Tyre Identification (ISO Metric Code) Poster