Transducers and Transistors

This practical resource introduces applications of transistors and basic transducer devices and some of their typical configurations.

Practical tasks include the following:
  • Identify the symbol, construction, and operating characteristics of an LDR and a thermistor
  • Investigate the operation of an LDR
  • Investigate the operation of a thermistor
  • Identify the operation of a simple transistor switch circuit
  • Recognize how a Darlington pair improves the sensitivity of a switching circuit
  • Troubleshoot a single transistor switch circuit
  • Troubleshoot a Darlington pair light-level alarm circuit
  • Identify the difference in operation between single transistor and Darlington pair emitter follower circuits
  • Investigate a Darlington pair emitter follower
  • Troubleshoot a Darlington pair emitter follower circuit

Please note that this resource requires access to either anExperiment Platform (409-01) or an Experiment Card Motherboard (409-02).

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Transducers and Transistors

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