Force Sensor

Our range of science experiment kits will equip you with all you need to carry out each of the practical experiments included in your LJ Create science program.

This data logging sensor has been designed for performing experiments that require force measurements to be recorded and stored for analysis.

  • Sampling speed up to 20us intersample time
  • Supplied with Spring, solid and rubber cushioned stops, hook
  • Measures compressive and extensive forces. In collisions only measures compressive forces
  • PC Software function can change force to inverse

The sensor can be used in a range of teaching applications, including:

  • Simple harmonic motion in a spring
  • Centripetal force in a pendulum
  • Bungee (impulse, momentum, conservation of energy and resultant forces)
  • Newton’s laws of motion e.g. action and reaction
  • Frictional forces
  • Hooke’s law
  • Resultant forces – static and dynamic
  • Impulse and collisions

How to order

Force Sensor

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