Automotive Electronic Circuits Board

This hands-on learning resource allows students to build a variety of introductory automotive electronic circuits using a range of on-board and carrier-mounted components. Used in conjunction with our automotive cloud-based learning content, students are set tasks that encourage them to explore circuits practically to help develop their understanding of electrical components, circuits and systems. The resource is also focused on the development of diagnostic and fault-finding skills using real test equipment.

The included automotive curriculum-based learning content provides students with hands-on learning opportunites. This easy to use software also contains theory presentations, virtual investigations, and support materials to underpin the practical tasks.

Practical topics covered include:
  • Simple circuits and measurements
  • Lamps in series circuits
  • Lamps in parallel circuits
  • Lamps in series-parallel circuits
  • Switches
  • Resistance
Typical activities include:
  • Construct a simple circuit containing a battery and lamp.
  • Measure DC voltage using a digital multimeter.
  • Investigate the operation of a switch.
  • Investigate the operation of a fuse.
  • Investigate the concept of a common ground connection.
  • Construct a circuit from a schematic diagram.
  • Measure DC current using a digital multimeter.
  • Calculate power use in lamp circuits.
  • Measure voltage drops across lamps connected in series.
  • Measure current through lamps connected in parallel.
  • Measure voltages and currents in a series-parallel lamp circuit.
  • Use a multimeter to investigate the operation of a range of switches.
  • Investigate the effect of different switch types on circuit operation.
  • Investigate switches connected in series and parallel.
  • Measure resistance.
  • State Ohm’s Law.
The circuit board provides the following features:
  • 2mm matrix patching area
  • 12V DC source with battery symbol
  • Resettable fuse
  • Switches:
    • Push-to-make
    • Push-to-break
    • 2-position off-on
    • 2-position changeover
    • 3-position on-off-on
    • 2-position, 2-pole changeover
  • Lamps:
    • 12V, 0.5W (x2)
    • 12V, 1W
  • Oscilloscope connection panel
  • Mounted Component Set
  • Curriculum-based learning content

Note that this resource requires a 707-01 Autotronics Accessory Pack.

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Automotive Electronic Circuits Board

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