Automotive Electrics Circuit Board

This circuit module is compatible with all the D3000 Base Unit options and introduces students to automotive electrical circuits through a wide range of practical activities.

Typical topic areas include:
  • Fault Finding – The Basics
  • Battery and Fuse
  • Starter and Solenoid
  • Horn and Relay
  • Park, Tail and Headlamps
  • Turn Signal and Hazard Warning Lights
  • Brake and Backup Lights
Typical activities include:
  • Investigate circuit faults as short. Open and resistance circuit faults.
  • Identify the effects of short, open and resistance circuit faults.
  • Identify the internal construction of the battery.
  • Diagnose faults in the battery and fuse circuit.
  • Recognize inertia, pre-engaged, axial and co-axial starter motors.
  • Measure voltage, current and resistance in the starter and solenoid circuit.
  • State how multi-horn circuits are electrically connected.
  • Identify the difference between NO and NC relays.
  • Construct a circuit diagram of the indicator signal and hazard circuit.
  • Interpret the parking and headlamp circuit diagram.
  • Identify applications for each of the bulb types used in the automotive industry
  • Identify through taking measurements, live and switched live points of the reversing light circuit.
  • Diagnose faults in the Brake and Reversing circuits.

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Automotive Electrics Circuit Board
D3000 7.1

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