AC Circuits and Bipolar Transistors

This practical resource introduces students to the basic concepts of AC circuits through a wide range of practical activities.

Practical tasks include the following:
  • Resistors on an AC Supply
  • Capacitors on an AC Supply
  • Troubleshooting a Capacitor Network
  • Inductors on an AC Supply
  • RC and RL Circuits on an AC Supply
  • RLC Circuit on an AC Supply
  • Testing Transistors
  • Characteristics of an NPN Bipolar Transistor
  • The Simple Transistor Amplifier
  • Transistor Amplifier Biasing
  • Troubleshooting a Common Emitter Amplifier
  • Common Collector Amplifier (Emitter Follower)

Please note that this resource requires access to either an Experiment Platform (409-01) or an Experiment Card Motherboard (409-02).

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AC Circuits and Bipolar Transistors

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