PLCs Trainer

The PLCs Trainer offers a platform that enables students to perform a comprehensive range of programming tasks culminating in the control of the unit using an industrial PLC (not supplied). We also include a unique software simulator in the package to help introduce the basic concepts of PLCs and ladder logic.

The PLCs Trainer (291-01) is designed to sort metal discs one at a time, checking them for a machined hole and dispensing them into to one of two bins based upon programming logic.

The speed of the sorting disc is controlled using an analogue input signal. The position of the sorting disc can be determined using the in-built rotary encoder.

Students develop their understanding of PLC programming using our unique software simulation of an industrial work-cell.

Typical topic areas include:
  • Industrial Controllers
  • Logic (AND, OR and NOT), Truth Tables & Step Logic
  • Latching Actuators
  • Counting Parts and Timing Events
  • Controlling Motor Speed and Position
  • Sorting Parts

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PLCs Trainer

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