Elementary Engineering Construction Kit

The Elementary Engineering Construction Kit is a classroom-based resource for investigating designing, building, and testing machines and other mechanical systems.

The Elementary Engineering Construction Kit (506-21) includes a series of challenges that give students a taste of how STEM is applied in a range of career clusters, including manufacturing, agriculture, construction, and transportation and logistics.

It is used within our K-5 Living with STEM program to help students develop solutions to a range of practical real-world challenges within a classroom or lab environment.

The Elementary Engineering Construction Kit includes simple drag-and-drop programming software to allow students to design flow diagram programs to bring their models to life.

  • 267 plastic construction parts
  • A mini control unit with Bluetooth and USB connectivity, that includes 4 input-output ports
  • A range of sensors and motors including:
    • 2x IR sensors
    • 2x DC motors
    • 1x Touch sensor
  • Drag-and-drop software program
  • Challenge-based learning content

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Elementary Engineering Construction Kit

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