Electronic Communications Trainer

Our STEM learning packages have been designed to provide practical real world problem solving tasks and activities within the classroom or lab environment. These activities will provide an engaging approach that helps instructors show contextualized linkages between Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Students will have access to hands on learning opportunities within our cloud based STEM curriculum software package. This easy to use software also contains theory presentations, virtual investigations, and support materials to underpin the practical tasks.

The Electronic Communications Trainer offers a classroom based resource for investigating microwave communication technology. Students will see how science has played an important role behind the technology and engineering of communication systems. Activities will focus on the transmission and reception of information, and some of the issues these systems face.

The Electronic Communications Trainer includes:
  • Microwave Transmitter
  • Microwave Receiver
  • Baseboard and Power Supply
  • Accessory Kit
Typical practical activities include:
  • Transmitting and Receiving a Signal
  • Sending Morse Code
  • Roman Shields
  • Direct Cable Connections
  • Dialling Codes
  • Fax Machines
  • Microwave Range Demonstration
  • Microwave Range and Line of Sight Obstruction
  • Tracking Mobile Phones
  • Mobile Phone Tariffs
  • Audio Bandwidth
  • Data Bandwidth
  • Bandwidth and the Internet
  • Broadcast Demonstration
  • Satellite Link
  • Choosing and Setting up TV and Radio
  • Troubleshooting TV and Radio
  • Reflecting and Deflecting Microwaves
  • Connections for Electronic Communications
  • Terminating Transmission Media
  • Circuit and Packet Switching
  • Protecting Communications
  • Making an Online Purchase
  • Business LANs
  • External LAN Connections
  • Careers in Electronic Communciations
  • Cable Costs
  • Microwave Links
  • Environmental Impact

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Electronic Communications Trainer

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