Power Electronics 1 Study Module

This study module introduces students to semiconductor devices used in power applications through a wide range of practical activities.

Power Electronics 1 Study Module (305-23) typical activities include:
  • Determine by calculation or measurement the base-emitter voltage and current gain of a power transistor
  • Determine the duty cycle and frequency of a PWM waveform
  • Plot the transfer characteristic and deduces the base-emitter turn-on voltage for a Complementary Darlington Pair Emitter Follower
  • Obtain and recognizes the waveform for maximum undistorted output voltage of a voltage amplifier
  • Identify waveforms in an audio power amplifier
  • Diagnose faults in an audio power amplifier
  • Identify the threshold voltage from a FET transfer characteristic graph
  • Measure the gate firing voltage and anode-to-cathode ‘on’ voltage of a thyristor

Please note that this resource requires access to an Experiment Platform.

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Power Electronics 1 Study Module

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