Mobile PLC Trainer

This Mobile PLC Trainer offers a platform that enables students to perform a comprehensive range of programming tasks culminating in the control of the unit using an industrial Programmable Logic Controller (PLC not supplied).

The Mobile PLC Trainer (291-04) is designed to sort metal discs one at a time, checking them for a machined hole and dispensing them into to one of two bins based upon programming logic.

Sorting disc speed is controlled using an analog input signal. The position of the sorting disc can be determined using the in-built rotary encoder.

Students develop their understanding of PLC programming using our unique software simulation of an industrial work-cell. The trainer is housed in a mil-spec waterproof case for ease of transportation and shipping.

The supplied STEM learning materials have been designed to provide practical real-world problem solving tasks and activities within the classroom or lab environment.

Typical Topic Areas Include:
  • Industrial Controllers
  • Logic (AND, OR and NOT), Truth Tables & Step Logic Latching Actuators
  • Counting Parts and Timing Events Controlling Motor Speed and Position
  • Sorting Parts
Industrial Control Application Components:
  • Manual override switch
  • Manual control switches x4
  • Input/Output LED indicators x7
  • Push buttons (Red/Green) x2
  • Lamp indicators (Red/Green) x2
  • Part bins x2
  • Analog speed control dial
  • Variable speed DC motor controlled sorting disc
  • Infra-red hole detection sensor
  • Two channel rotary encoder with index position
  • Connection block and rack bar for PLC extension

Please Note: PLC not supplied

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Mobile PLC Trainer

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