Educational Robotics Invention Kit

The Educational Robotics Invention Kit is an expandable plug-and-play robot that teaches students STEM disciplines, computational thinking and digital literacy using hands-on experiences.

The Educational Robotics Invention Kit (250-02) combines engineering and programming to create a dynamic environment that helps students develop problem-solving and programming skills that involve mathematics, engineering, science and logic.

The Educational Robotics Invention Kit provides a wide range of projects and also has unlimited expansion potential – as it allows the attachment of add-on 3rd party electronics and hardware such as Raspberry Pi, and Arduino.

Typical project activities include:
  • Languages, machines, and computation
  • Algorithms and abstraction
  • Inputs and Outputs
  • Data, variables and constants
  • Control structures
  • Testing and debugging
  • A series of open ended design projects to allow students to get creative

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Educational Robotics Invention Kit

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