Digital Systems Study Module

This study module allows students to demonstrate, through a series of practical applications, how digital circuits may be combined to form complex working systems.

Digital Systems Study Module (304-44) typical activities include:
  • Observe the operation of an analog switch, a monostable, and a bistable circuit Diagnose faults in astable and monostable multivibrator circuits
  • Predict the operation of a BCD up/down counter under known input conditions
  • Observe the operation of a binary up/down counter
  • Determine the output from an integrator for square wave and constant voltage inputs
  • Recognize the effect of the value of the input resistor/feedback capacitor on the operation of an integrator
  • Diagnose a fault in a triangle waveform generator circuit
  • Observe the operation of a digital voltmeter, a frequency counter, and a triangular waveform generator system
  • Faultfinding on digital systems

Please note that this resource requires access to an Experiment Platform.

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Digital Systems Study Module

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