Data Acquisition of Control Systems

The Data Acquisition of Control Systems package can be used to introduce students to the monitoring and recording of control system performance using a PC.

The Data Acquisition of Control Systems package (217-61) has been designed to provide an extension to work carried out using our Transducers, Instrumentation and Control Trainer (217-50). A student workbook is provided – allowing students to record basic theory and practical results as they work through the curriculum manual. An instructor’s guide provides solutions to all of the questions and practical activities contained in the curriculum manual.

The study module includes:
  • Picoscope unit and software
  • Digital multimeters (x2)
  • Curriculum manual
The Data Acquisition of Control Systems package allows a PC to act as the following test instruments:
  • Dual trace digital storage oscilloscope
  • Spectrum analyser
  • Signal generator

Data can be captured using the picoscope software and viewed/manipulated in the LJ Grapher software.

The laboratory manual covers the following practical exercises:
  • Control Systems
  • Thermal Systems
  • Temperature Transducer Response
  • Light-Controlled Systems
  • Proportional Control
  • Proportional-Integral Control
  • Proportional-Derivative Control
  • PID Control
  • Velocity Feedback
  • Speed Control Systems

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Data Acquisition of Control Systems

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