Air Brake Tractor/Trailer System Trainer

This comprehensive, panel-mounted system provides a fully operational 2-line air brake system, as fitted to a typical heavy vehicle tractor and trailer unit. The trainer features quick-fit connectors over the whole board. By limiting the spring actuators at full travel (200mm) and by using 8mm pipes, we have slowed down system operation to allow students to observe the full operation of the various components.

All the components used on this trainer are commonly available and are representative of a typical system used on medium- and heavy-duty trucks. This resource is supplied with a manual containing practical tasks and activities.

Topics covered include:
  • Normal brake operation
  • Normal reservoir operation
  • Parking brake apply/release
  • Trailer connection and braking
  • Operation of trailer control valve
  • Tractor/trailer connection
  • Trailer park brake operation

How to order

Air Brake Tractor/Trailer System Trainer

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