Superhet Receiver Card

This practical resource allows students to investigate the principles and operation of a working superheterodyne receiver, through a range of practical activities.

The practical activities based around the Superhet Receiver Card are available within the digital curriculum materials provided with our Electronics Study Trainer.

Practical tasks include the following:
  • Measuring the intermediate frequency (IF) and local oscillator (LO) frequency of a superhet receiver
  • Exploring the radio frequency (RF) amplifier
  • Measuring the bandwidth of an intermediate amplifier stage
  • Measuring tuned gain of an intermediate amplifier stage
  • Recognizing the function performed by a multistage IF amplifier
  • Determining the need for automatic gain control (AGC)
  • Observing the operation of AGC

Please Note: This card requires access to an Electronics Study Trainer (320-00).


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Superhet Receiver Card

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