Siemens HMI Pack for PETRA II Advanced Teaching Set

The PETRA II Advanced Industrial Control Trainer provides students with a complete, simulated (PLC-controlled) factory automation process. The PETRA II can be used with this Siemens HMI Pack - which links two PLC units together to control the factory automation process - an HMI panel is used to monitor and supervise the system.

The Siemens HMI Pack uses an industry-standard programming software suite to program each PLC to control its own set of processes. An HMI touch panel is programmed to supervise the PLCs, monitoring and displaying key information from sensors around the plant.

Items included:
  • 2x Siemens S71200 PLCs
  • Siemens PLC and HMI Software Suite
  • HMI Panel
  • 5-Port Network Switch
  • USB Memory Stick

How to order

Siemens HMI Pack for PETRA II Advanced Teaching Set

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