Mechanisms Trainer

The Mechanisms Trainer offers a classroom based resource for practical investigation of a variety of fundamental mechanical systems. The trainer allows users to investigate gears, pulleys, levers, cams, belt drives, and inclined planes.

Our Mechanisms Trainer (260-01) includes access to digital curriculum materials including theory and practical learning tasks, as well as tutor support resources.

Using the Mechanisms Trainer, students can perform a comprehensive range of practical activities – typical practical activities include:
  • Identify the different types of motion found in mechanical systems
  • Demonstrate the effect of using an idler gear in a simple gear train
  • Determine compound gear train ratios and speed
  • Identify the purpose of belt drives
  • Demonstrate the relationship between distance and effort for a pulley system
  • Measure effort and movement for first, second, and third class levers

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Mechanisms Trainer

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