New for Sept ’22 | 3-Phase Control Systems Trainer

Our brand-new 3-Phase Control Systems Trainer is a rugged, self-contained hardware unit that enables students to investigate practically and safely the generation of a 3-phase supply and operation of a Motor and Inverter.

The 3-Phase Control Systems Trainer is designed to introduce students to the principles of AC power, 3-phase AC circuits, and AC motors, including synchronous machines, through a wide range of practical activities.

Digital lessons accompany the trainer and can be used to cover the topics of 3-phase distribution and operation of AC motors.

The trainer is aligned to the following qualification units:
  • T-Level Engineering Maintenance Pathway: Year 2
    • 313 Electrical Maintenance
    • 314 Control and Instrumentation (3 Phase AC Motors and Inverter Circuits)
  • 3-Phase Control Systems TrainerT-Level Engineering Design Pathway: Year 2
    • 322 Electrical Design (Electrical Installations – 3 Phase Circuits)
  • BTEC National Diploma in Engineering
    • Unit 15
    • Unit 16
  • EAL Level 3
    • Unit AMEDK3 – 006
    • Unit AMEDK3 – 019
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