Semiconductors 2 Study Module

This study module extends the student knowledge of semiconductors by introducing further circuits based on bipolar junction transistors, and field effect transistors.

Typical activities include:
  • Measure DC voltages and currents in a Darlington pair
  • Measure voltages and determine the input impedance of a Darlington pair under AC conditions
  • Identify cross-over distortion and methods of prevention
  • Determine by calculation and measurement DC currents and voltages in a constant current sink circuit
  • Measure DC amplifier performance under AC conditions
  • Recognize significant features of a DC amplifier
  • Obtain JFET parameters by measurement of voltages and currents in a JFET circuit
  • Faultfinding semiconductor circuits

Please Note: This resource requires access to an Experiment Platform (either a 300-01 or a 300-02).

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Semiconductors 2 Study Module

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