Optoelectronic Devices Study Module

This study module introduces students to optoelectronics devices through a wide range of practical activities.

Typical activities include:
  • Measure power dissipation for red and green LEDs
  • Interpret the I-V curve for an LED
  • Identify the operation of a bargraph display
  • Identify operational features of an LCD
  • Diagnose faults in composite circuits
  • Determine LDR resistance with varying ambient light
  • Identify the response of a photoconductive cell to light falling upon it
  • Measure phototransistor output voltage for high and low levels of illumination
  • Determine by measurement and calculation the parameters and operation of a bar-code reader system
  • Faultfinding optoelectronics circuits

Please Note: This resource requires access to an Experiment Platform (either a 300-01 or a 300-02).

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Optoelectronic Devices Study Module

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