Ignition and Charging Systems Panel Trainer

This trainer provides students and instructors with the opportunity to demonstrate, investigate, and fault-find a simulation of a typical automotive ignition and charging system. The trainer is designed to allow access to a variety of ignition systems and a charging system, as well as provide an understanding of the overall system layout and configuration. To facilitate the development of techniques in diagnostics and fault-finding skills, the panel includes a range of fault-insertion options to simulate typical real-world system malfunctions.

The Ignition and Charging Systems Panel Trainer (750-01) provides a complete simulation of a vehicle ignition system, and incorporates an engine rotation simulator with a crankshaft, connecting rod and piston. Sensors are provided for crankshaft/camshaft position, profile ignition pickup and cylinder identification. LEDs are used to simulate spark plugs and a special timing light is also provided.

The electronic ignition system represented on the panel trainer is a two-coil ‘wasted spark’ type, with a single micro-controller providing the operating facilities of the Ignition Control Module (ICM) and Engine Control Module (ECM), as found on modern vehicles.

Ignition and Charging Systems Panel Trainer – Typical practical tasks include:
  • Identify:
    • Ignition system components and types
    • Starting and charging system components and types
  • Identify and investigate:
    • The operation of spark plugs
    • Contact breaker ignition systems
    • Electronic ignition systems
  • Diagnose faults in contact breaker ignition systems
  • Identify and investigate
  • Diagnose faults in electronic ignition systems

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Ignition and Charging Systems Panel Trainer

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