Motion Sensor (T Level Resource)

Make lessons on time, speed, and acceleration fully interactive. Simple to use, select the best range, point at the target and collect data. Optimised range for time distance work with students.

The sensor can be used in a range of teaching applications, including:

  • Graphing time distance curves in real time
  • Demonstrating the derivation of velocity, acceleration from time distance
  • Simple harmonic motion in suspended mass spring systems and pendulums
  • Demonstration of ultrasound imaging
  • Free fall
  • Conservation of energy

The Motion sensor is a sonar device that emits ultrasonic pulses, which reflect off an object. Maximum sample rate is 50 per second (50 Hz) (20 ms interval between samples). Automatic correction for air temperature incorporated into the Distance ranges.

The Time range measures the time taken for the pulse to travel to an object and back so can be used to measure the speed of sound.

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Motion Sensor (T Level Resource)

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