Light Gate – Set of Two (T Level Resource)

The Light Gate has an infrared transmitter and receiver that will detect an object passing through the ‘gate’. They can be used singly or in pairs for time, speed, velocity, acceleration and event monitoring.

The Light Gate is supplied with a steel mounting rod which can be screwed into the base or side of the Light Gate and clamped into a suitable holding device. A red On/Off indicator will light when the infrared beam is blocked. When used in a non-Timing mode e.g. Graph, the Light Gate can be used to mark an event on a graph and the length of the interrupt can be used to determine velocity.

The sensor can be used in a range of teaching applications, including:

  • All timing and basic dynamics work
  • Free fall
  • Proof of g
  • Diluted gravity (Galileo’s gravity from slope)

How to order

Light Gate – Set of Two (T Level Resource)

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