Intermediate Electronics Experiment Platform

This unit provides the base platform for the intermediate electronics workstation. The unit allows the experiment cards to be connected for the practical study of electronics.

The Motherboard includes input, process, and output devices required for the various circuit investigations. Faults can also be inserted into the experiment cards via the Motherboard, enabling students to investigate electronic faultfinding techniques.

The following devices and features are included on the Motherboard:
  • Experiment Card Mounting Area
  • Eight Logic Sources
  • Two De-bounced Press Switches
  • Slow and Fast Range Clock
  • Two Inverting Buffers
  • Buzzer
  • Amplifier and Loudspeaker
  • Eight Logic Monitors
  • Two Seven Segment Displays
  • Two Relays
  • +5V, -12V, +12V Power Supplies
  • Switched Faults
  • Set of Connecting Links and Leads
  • AC Power Supply

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Intermediate Electronics Experiment Platform

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