Green Technology Teaching Set

The Green Technology Teaching Set puts a model home into the classroom, enabling students to investigate green energy production and energy conservation. The model eco-house is fitted with sensors that allow the building’s energy use and other useful information to be analysed on a PC, connected to the house via USB. Users can investigate such topics as lighting technologies, insulation properties, glazing, air-conditioning and green energy production.

This engaging teaching set also comes with a wealth of blended learning materials, including presentations, investigations and assessments, for students to explore the technology behind sustainable energy production techniques and related topics. These flexible resources can be used both for class demonstrations and also for student activities, either individually or in small groups.

A Virtual Sustainable Energy Simulator allows students to tackle a variety of scenarios, creating proposals for efficient and sustainable energy production on the scale of small towns, cities, islands and countries. The Eco-House together with the innovative blended learning materials means that the Green Technology Teaching Set offers a comprehensive resource on the topic of green technologies and successfully combines our famously easy-to-use software with hands-on, practical activities.

The set includes:

  • Model Eco-house
  • Wind Turbine
  • Sun simulation lamp
  • Interface Leads and Power Supply
  • Interface Software
  • Curriculum-based learning content
  • Virtual Sustainable Energy Simulator

Typical simulator activities include:

  • Harnessing Solar and Wind Power
  • Hydroelectric Power for an Island
  • Creating Power from Biomass
  • Geothermal Challenge
  • Nuclear Power
  • National Grid Challenge

Typical practical activities include:

  • Energy in Buildings
  • Home Wind Turbines
  • Solar Electric Systems
  • Energy for Heating Buildings
  • Solar Water Heating
  • Insulation
  • Glass in Construction
  • Heat Pumps

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Green Technology Teaching Set

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