Complete Electric Vehicle System Trainer

This is a fully-operational Electric Vehicle Trainer, based upon a Nissan Leaf circa 2009-2015.

The Complete Electric Vehicle System demonstrates the operation of the EV system along with regeneration when braking or deceleration. The trainer provides an enhanced training experience, with greater accessibility than the original vehicle.

  • Based on a Nissan Leaf, c/w drive shafts, hubs and wheels
  • Telematic system to send/receive data via GPRS system
  • 80 kW AC Electric motor
  • Electric motor AC Synchronous
  • Maximum power 80 kW/109 PS @ 3008-10000 RPM
  • Battery type, laminated lithium ion with 192 cells
  • Battery capacity 24kWh. 48 modules
  • Battery voltage 360 Volts
  • Charging time with domestic lead 0-100% 12 hours
  • HV/EV fault insertion
  • Manufacturer’s diagnostic socket
  • Mounted on a self contained frame with castors
  • Detachable Battery trolley
  • Rotating parts covered by mesh guards
  • Supplied with a comprehensive training manual

How to order

Complete Electric Vehicle System Trainer

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